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So Shane tried to remind me to post yesterday, and I didn’t get his message. 😦 So this post is for you, Shane.

Nothing new with me. Just the same old work. The SnowBall was a success last weekend. I’m not sure of the final headcount or the amount of money we raised, but the Globe said over 1,000 people and over $50,000. Not too shabby.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty lame: lots of catching up on Lost lately (have to be ready for January 21st). I was also chosen to present on Northeastern’s “5 Under 25” panel on January 29th, that highlights the experiences of 5 alumni under the age of 25.

Oh yeah, and for all the financial/accounting people: Bernard Madoff was arrested yesterday. Which means that one of our clients (actually a whole family) may have lost $150 million in investments. Here’s the formal complaint filed by the FBI Agent. As a side note, this really makes me want to be an FBI Agent again.

To end on a good note, it’s finally Friday. And after a crappy week (all around) and a stressful exam schedule for Shane, I can’t wait for it to be the weekend (not to mention xmas break for some). Pub crawl tomorrow and then some xmas shopping Sunday. Anyone want to join?

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